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Emergency Information Management

This is achieved by the application of the EM2000 software. The Tobago office is the only disaster management office in the English speaking Caribbean that utilizes this technology which was proven to be very effective during Hurricane Ivan and for both the severe weather events of November 2004 and January 2005 and Hurricane Emily. In 2006, the Information Management System was upgraded to WebEoc, however the EM/2000 remains actively in service as a backup platform.

These software offer the ability of Incident recording; situation reports; Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis; message tracking & resource management among other things.

AMP Shelter

The use of an Advanced Medical Post (AMP) during a Mass casualty event is a requirement. The 19’x35’ AMP shelter is insulated from the sun’s ultra violet rays and is easily mobilized by a trailer that is outfitted with ASL, BSL, and Trauma Emergency Medical Kits. It is a Generator powered device, has a measurement of 500 gallon water storage and purifications capability, emergency lighting, and can be use as a Portable Isolation Contamination System.

Advance Medical Post Trailers:

Mobile Command Post Trailer

Public Information and Education / website

TEMA continues to promote and foster a growing healthy relationship with the local media. Disaster preparedness advertisements can be heard and seen on the electronic media on a daily basis.

This is augmented by printed material which is distributed to the public and our website, http://www.tema365.com which provides the cyber population with disaster related information and links online the internet.


TEMA’s Prado SUV is equipped with a satellite communication dish which is computer operated; VHF two-way radio communication; GPS instrument; 12 volt jumpstart power pack; 3 million candle lite spot light, torch; fire extinguisher; inverter etc.

Satellite Truck

Mobile Fleet
TEMA’s Mazda 4X4 is outfitted with first aid kit; 2 Inverters; Power Winch; roll bar Spotlights; 100’ rope; Global Positioning System (GPS); portable Spot Lamps; VHF two-way radio communications; mobile laptop stand.


Cots, chainsaws, generators, lantern, plastic, axe, pickaxes, torches, batteries, lighted helmets, emergency medical supplies, rope, tarpaulins, sleeping mats & bags, bottle water, soak-a-bag, ply, cutlasses etc, makes up our store house at the Shaw Park location. More Details…

TEMA Installed A Digital Monochrome Sign on Port Authority Compound:

TEMA has obtained permission from the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago to erect its Digital Monochrome Sign at the Port Authority compound, Scarborough, Tobago. This is another initiative from us at TEMA since we aim at continuously disseminating information relative to Disaster Preparedness.

TEMA Community Early Warning System

TEMA began work on phase 1 of its Multi Hazard Community Early Warning System on the 8th of January 2008. The American Signal Corporation (Compulert) designed system will provide alerts and warning to communities remotely via radio messages and siren tones. TSUNAMI WARNING, HURRICANE / STORM WARNING, and SEVERE WEATHER messages, can be send remotely from in the field or from the Tobago Emergency Operations Centre to the southwest communities of Tobago that are at risk to these hazards. More Details

Emergency Inflatable Prism Light:

The Prism Light is a unique, inflatable, portable light that can be set up in a few minutes to illuminate a large area. This light is a broad based light covering a wide illumination path, rather than just a standard directional light that must be positioned and adjusted and will cover only a small specific area.

The Prism Inflatable Light System has many applications: at roadsides or other emergencies for use by first responders (Fire Service, Police, etc), power outages, civil protection, sports and entertainment events, field Hospitals, and many other unique applications.

The Tobago CERT has secured three (3) of these fifteen (15) feet Inflatable Prism Lights with the aim of improving our efforts as a team, to operate under challenging lighting conditions as it becomes necessary to execute our duties.

Details of the (EIL) System:

The Emergency Inflatable Light has a lighting power of (400W/1000W equivalent to 42,000/80,000 lm) of brightness. It reaches a height of 4.5 meters (15 feet) from ground level, without using a metallic structure, in order to provide illumination over a vast area of 3,000 -10,000 sq m (3,600 to12,000 sq yards).

A series of axial fans constantly inflates air into the supporting structure generating pressure to guarantee the necessary stability to the system and bring the light source up to the best operative level. The structure is enlarged vertically to operate even in narrow spaces. Ground anchorage of the structure by guy ropes allows the system to operate even with wind gusts up to 40 km per hour (25 mph).

Setup and Testing of Portable Isolation and Containment System (PICS)

TEMA acquired a Portable Isolation and Containment System. This acquisition further expands the agency’s response capacity on the island.

Should the island ever become threatened by infectious diseases, this easily deployable system creates the capacity for containment, thus reducing the risks of exposure to residents. More details.

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